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Canavalia ensiformis - Robust 'Jack Beans' 100 seeds

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Scientific Name: Canavalia ensiformis. Common Name(s): jack bean. The jack bean is a tropical legume native to Southeast Asia and related to soybean and kudzu. It is a robust and hardy plant that will need plenty of space. It is easy to grow from seeds. Because jack beans are legumes, they can fix nitrogen from the air and return it to the soil, so many farmers used it in lieu of nitrogen fertilizers. Jack beans are also used for erosion control, build soil organic matter and as a forage and feedstuff for cattle, \

This item is a special collector's packet of one hundred (100) Canavalia ensiformis seeds, to be delivered upon receipt of payment. Note that the buyer pays $6.95 postage & handling.


All small seed shipments into the USA require a small seeds import
permit. These are free and they are also the law. See end of page for
online links for the free permit.

It is your responsibility to know the laws of your country.

We sell seeds worldwide but you must check with your own country for

their specific requirements!

In the United States, up to 50 seeds can be sent to USA legally
providing you have a USA 'Small lots of seed' permit that lasts up to
3 years. This is relatively easy for USA people to obtain.

According to the rules for the USDA SMALL LOTS shipment, a person can
have 50 seeds per packet and up to 50 packets, properly labeled,
preferably clear packaging and shipped at once to ENTER the USA. We
are happy to pack in this fashion if you request it.

You must have an import permit or the seeds will be destroyed. Here is
a link for sending small lots of seed into the USA.

PPQ 587 Permt

Application for permit to import plants or plant products.

Apply on line or through the mail. Permits are free and may prevent
customs seisure.

How to Apply for a Small Lots of Seed Permit: For fastest turn around
time, apply on-line at .
Alternately, use PPQ Form 587, Application for Permit to Import Plants
or Plant Products. On the first line of section 3 of the application,
enter "SMALL LOTS OF SEED PROGRAM". Starting on the second line, list
the seed species and countries from which you want to ship each
species. If the list of species is long, you may enter "eligible
taxa". By using this option, you are accepting responsibility for
determining the eligibility of the seeds. The Permit Unit cannot tell
you if the species are eligible for importation if you do not list
them. A permit is issued for taxa that are admissible with no
restrictions beyond the port of entry inspection. If port of entry
inspectors find prohibited or restricted seeds in your shipment, they
will seize and destroy the ineligible kinds.

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